This is it: the final printed and mailed version of “From the Lab Guy.” Those stamps and envelopes taste awful. For any future columns, you will have to sign up on the website for an emailed version or just check out the website for new posts. –yes, I’ll be spending the next month trying to figure out how to create a subscriber list.

Aye, I know how this works. How many of these things never get opened and just get filed in the round file cabinet?

But for those of who have been reading them, thanks! A writer loves to have an audience, and I hope I have been entertaining and informative. In the future, I will be exploring more issues in the industry, from the new tech to the same stuff we have been doing for decades. I will be talking about new products and services, and offering suggestions on how to get the most out of your practice—so I can get the most out of my lab.

I will leave you with this:

“Talk to the lab guy. Work with the lab guy. Trust the lab guy.” (or lab gal)

It seems to be something that I have been saying a lot over the past year, especially as this new technology is hitting. Doctors (like lab people and everybody else) get stuck in the old way of doing things, in how they were taught.

Is there a better and easier way? There could be. After talking with doctors about common issues we have run into, some of my suggestions have panned out and some have not. I have saved a couple practices a lot of time and money—and myself a lot of aggravation.

I have been doing this now for 30 years and worked at four different labs in three different states, so have worked with hundreds of doctors, probably seeing every variation on every type of appliance. I am currently at work on developing products that take advantage of the new technology instead of trying to jam the old ways into the new paradigm.

I have also been lucky enough to plug into a worldwide network of lab owners and doctors via Facebook. If I don’t have the answer to something, somebody does.

You can find the sign up form for the blog on the website, or you can just shoot me an email at Anybody on the subscriber list will get a notification that there is a new blog and a copy of it, although I can include more info and photos on the website version.

Everybody is welcome, whether you use my lab or not–even if you are a competing lab.

Hope to see you on the web!


— The Lab Guy

PS. My offer still stands. I was serious about it. If you ever wanted to stop by and check out how we do what we do, I break out the good coffee about five o’clock.

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