Axiom Orthodontic Studios is a limited service laboratory. We specialize in the following products:

3D Printed Bands

Custom made bands, manufactured directly from your scan, means an accurate fit every time. Whether a hyrax or a band and loop, everything is finished using a laser welder to ensure unparalleled strength.

Custom made bands also means at least one less office visit. No spacers necessary and the guaranteed fit means no issues to address at another appointment.

Proper protocol for bonding the bands is provided with the first appliance.

We offer the highest quality at the best price.

3D Printed Bruxism Appliances

Printed with the latest FDA approved materials and medical grade nylon, these appliances offer unparalleled fit, durability and comfort.

With a scan, digital articulation and the new materials, they are simply not like what you, and the patient, are accustomed to. They are snug without being too tight, very little or no chairside adjustment, comfortable and durable.

Nylon Single Arch

3D Printed Splints

Snore Guards / Sleep Apnea Appliances

Working from your scans, we deliver some of the highest quality snore guards on the market: the D-SAD and the X3 from Panthera. Made of 3D printed nylon, they carry a three year warranty.

The D-SAD is comfortable, durable and effective. I wear one myself.

As a side to side grinder, others would not last very long. I have been wearing mine now for over two years. It was a short appointment to scan and then an even shorter appointment for delivery. It was as simple as that.

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