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Easy Peasy EasyRx

All scans must be submitted through EasyRx. There is no extra cost to you. Using EasyRx is actually for your benefit.

Check out the video on using EasyRx. I explain the benefits and do a walk through of the program. It is a simple, concise and HIPPA compliant way to submit and track your cases and promotes better communication between your practice and my lab.

Snoring / Sleep Apnea

The Panthera D-SAD is simply the best appliance on the market for snoring. I use it myself. Check out the introductory video for more information.

Below, you will find a short video on scanning the bite properly for the D-SAD. Instead of the normal bite you might use for aligners or retainers, it needs to be an open bite with the lower jaw advanced.

You will also find ordering forms and brochures on the D-SAD and X3.

Though it is also indicated for light to moderate sleep apnea, that is an entire other conversation.

Scanning for D-SAD

D-SAD Key Features


D-SAD RX Instructions and Recommendations

D-SAD Rod Dimention Guide

Panthera X3 Brochure

An Introduction to Axiom

Axiom Orthodontic Studios is about the intersection of technology and dentistry. It is about adapting to the technology as opposed to just trying to jam it into your current business model.

Contact me if you’d like for me to stop by at a convenient time to discuss how Axiom and my 35 years experience can add value to your practice.

Axiom Full Brochure

Axiom 3D Printed Metal Band Brochure

Axiom for Your Dental Practice
(Coming soon)

Introduction to Axiom

This is a short introduction to myself and Axiom Orthodontic Studios. I can help your practice be more efficient and improve your bottom line. If you let me. I can also help vastly improve your patient experience. It is what I have been doing for a very long time.

The New Orthodontic Lab is a clinic I gave in 2018 at the annual conference for the Dental Lab Assication of Texas. It would create the groundwork for the assocation I founded, The Association of Orthodontic Laboratory Professionals (AOLP) the following year. It would also become the foundation for Axiom Orthodontic Studios.

My industry was in trouble. The digital revolution hit us like a tsunami. Lab owners were drowning. I threw out a lifeline in a Facebook group and then founded the association to help others make the transition to digital.

All we knew was a still relevant, but going digital meant far more than buying a 3D printer. In my clinic, I went back to the beginning, the old orthodontic lab. I even went further back to the ancient orthodontic lab.

It was time to get back to basics.

It was time to learn how to be business owners and adapt.

Informal Meet and Greet

Let’s talk story

This is just a more informal meet and greet with me and Axiom. It’s nighttime, I have my coffee, the Irish cap, and it’s just me without the “sales” persona.

Hi, I’m Chris.