3D Printed Bands

A short introduction to 3D printed metal bands and the value they can add to your practice.

      • No spacers necessary
      • Guaranteed fit
      • Made directly from your scan
      • Saves at least one appointment
      • Improved patient experience
      • Improved staff experience
      • Proven bonding protocol provided
      • Simplified workflow


Doctors agree: once they move to custom made bands for their appliances, they never go back. With a perfect fit every time, and no need for an extra appointment for spacers, the extra cost easily pays for itself. They also allow for a better patient experience as the band is made on the tooth surface and does not extend into the interproximal or subgingival.

A proven bonding protocol, used for over three years, is emailed with the submission of the first appliance.

Created directly from your scan, it removes the need for a band inventory. Attachments, like hooks and tubes, are easily added. Everything is laser welded so they will not break. Silver solder is optional and only for appearance and smoothness.

All scans must be submitted through EasyRx. Please see the video on the Support Material Page if you need help navigating and submitting the scans and prescription.

Our costs on our price schedule are inclusive: they include the bands, appliance, 3D printed model and local delivery.

***All appliances are shown with traditionally fitted bands and are for display purposes only***


RPE (Hyrax)

Fixed Lower Expander (FLEA)

E Arch

Mini RPE

Space Regainer


Lower Lingual Arch


Band and Loop


Habit Appliances

Thumb Habit Arch

Thumb Habit Loops

Tongue Crib

Arch Development

Quad Helix

W Arch

ALF Banded

Types of Attachments

Hooks with 022 Slots


Debonding Lug