I hate to sound like the commercial where the cows have signs that read “eat more chiken” but…

Here is a novel approach to make more money for your practice: lower the cost of your nightguards and splints.

Or not.

But do I still have you? Good. Let me explain.

I brought two friends together. One is a physical therapist and the other is a dentist. The PT was telling me that he recommends nightguards to about 80% of his clients. A report on Web MD states that about 30% of the people leaving a dentist’s office should have a nightguard. I have read elsewhere, from lecturers, that approximately 30-50 potential nightguards are leaving your offices every week.

Only a very few people seem to get nightguards.

It is about cost. I sell my Comfort Hard/Soft Splint for $59. Dental practices sell them to the patients for anywhere between $400 and $1,000. The dentist friend said that he sold his for $450. The PT friend said $250 would be the price point his clients are looking for. The dentist said he couldn’t do that.

That’s when I jumped in.

I asked the dentist a very simple question, knowing exactly how many nightguards I make for him each year: would you rather sell 10 for a profit of $390 or 100 at a profit of $190? So: $3,900 annual profit vs. $19,000 annual profit?

It is really that simple. With the Comfort Hard/Soft Splint, there is little to no chair side adjustments, and I can even make patients new ones without an office visit with our No Hassle Replacement Program.

How much time does it take you to take a set of impressions or scans and then fit the splint? How many more clients might make their way into your office for the cheaper splint and leave with appointments for other work?

I can even help out. I will set up a referral service for participating offices with Physical Therapists, Migraine Relief Centers, Sleep Centers and other health care providers that might recommend nightguards and splints. The service will be on my website and on the next edition of the enclosed brochure.

—The brochure, by the way, is free to those who use my lab, whether you’d like to be in the referral network or not.

I just thought I would mention it.


— The Lab Guy

PS. Did you know that we offer a 50% discount for office staff and their family members on the Comfort H/S Splint? See our webpage for more information on this product and others like it.


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