Dental Sleep Medicine


Axiom has partnered with Panthera Dental and other labs to offer the best options to treat bruxism. Using scans and 3D technology, we offer splints made from medical grade nylon or Hard/Soft Guards. Digitally articulated, they offer the highest comfort with the fewest chair side adjustments.

Check out the video below to see what your delivery appointment might be like.

Hard/Soft Splint

Panthera Nylon Splint

I was stuck in Texas grinding so bad that I would wake up in pain and with my jaw locked. After getting scanned, I got this nightguard. It fit perfectly with no adjustments. It is comfortable, easy to care for and lasts. That is why I sell it.

Snore Guards

Axiom is a proud lab partner with Panthera Dental. The D-SAD (pictured above) and X3 are 3D printed with medical grade nylon. Comfortable and effective, the D-SAD is easy for the patient to get used to, provides relief from snoring for both them and their partner, and is durable–it comes with a three year warranty.

Made from an intraoral scan, the fit is perfect–and guaranteed.

All scans must be submitted through EasyRx along with a proper bite indicated for the fabrication of the appliance.

To scan the bite, the bite must be open with the lower jaw advanced. See picture and video in Supporting Material.


As a lab owner with over 35 years experience, and a person who snores, I have made and tried many snore guards on the market. They are either bulky and uncomfortable or they break because I grind from side to side. I sell the Panthera D-SAD because I own one. It is comfortable, fits perfectly, and has not broken in over two years of nightly use–it comes with a three year warranty.

Christopher Gajewski

Sleep Apnea

If you’d like, we can discuss sleep apnea, an area where many doctors veer away from.

In many cases, the CPAP is simply over-prescribed. As the gold standard in sleep medicine for decades, it does not take into account the new oral appliances that have come to the market. It makes sleep apnea a hot potato issues, with the family physican and dentist passing it off between each other.

A sleep study is necessary, of course, to determine the severity of the sleep apnea.

The D-SAD is indicated for slight to moderate sleep apnea, and is billable through Medicare.

By advancing the lower jaw slightly forward, it opens the airway and provides relief. It travels easily and is simple to care for.