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Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Snoring? Have sleep apnea? Hate what you have tried or don’t like the CPAP? I may have a solution.

Let’s talk snoring first.

As a person who snores myself, and a lab technician, I’ve tried every appliance on the market, and even a few I made myself. I didn’t like them. Hated wearing them. They were bulky and uncomfortable. My wife, however, hated me not wearing them. I think my neighbors noticed as well.

Then, I came across the D-SAD.

The D-SAD works under a very simple principle that many snoring appliances employ. Using “splints” on both the upper and lower jaws that are printed from medical grade nylon and connected with rods, it slightly advances the lower jaw. By advancing the lower jaw, it opens the airway to allow for better breathing.

Check out the video below of me using my D-SAD.

I started having a better night’s sleep immediately. My wife and neighbors did as well.

Now let’s talk sleep apnea. Or not. It is really a conversation you need to have with your physician or a sleep specialist.

For decades, the CPAP was the gold standard. With new technology and oral appliances offering a different kind of solution, it may be time to have a conversation with your physician. Or your dentist.

The oral appliances have become a “hot potato” issue. Is it a conversation with your dentist or physician? The answer can be both.

The CPAP is still one of the only treatments for severe sleep apnea, but the D-SAD is indicated for light to moderate sleep apnea. A sleep study, ordered by your physician, is necessary to determine the severity of your condition.

One family physician mentioned that the CPAP is really over prescribed, that due to its common use and popularity among doctors (and insurance companies), it is the “go to” treatment for all types and severity of sleep apnea.

The D-SAD is now covered by insurance and Medicare has issued it its own code for doctors to use.


Grinding (Bruxism)

Do you grind your teeth at night? Wake up with a sore jaw? You could be destroying your teeth and/or your dental work.

In 2022, dentists reported a 70% increase in night time grinding from their patients.

There could be a simple and effective solution. Axiom offers two of the best products on the market to protect your teeth at night–and your investment in your dental work. Both can be made for the upper or lower arch.

The 3D printed Hard/Soft Guard is a popular choice. It is comfortable and effective.

The Panthera Single Arch is 3D printed from medical grade nylon and comes with a three year warranty.


Panthera Nylon Splint

Hard/Soft Guard

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